Agenda / the 5th ICTS scientific conference
Author: Dr. Murad Al Fatlawi
Date: 01/03/2017
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Agenda / the 5th ICTS scientific conference

Dear Colleagues, The final program is announced. All sessions are build up from your submissions. We hope it's going to be an interesting meeting and fulfill the goals that is designed for it. For those who have their submission accepted for oral presentation, please check the program and the schedule and stick to the time allowed for your presentation.  All presentations should be in power point format, please use recent versions (2014 or more). To avoid problems with videos, try to build up your presentation on a memory stick from the beginning and check it on a different computer. Anyhow you are required to hand over your presentation a day before your actual time of presentation or at least few hours before.

Dr. Amjad Almendilawi / The Scientific Committe

below the attached file that contain the 5th ICTS agenda.

Fifth International conference of ICTS.pdf