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Regulation of the Iraqi Cardio-Thoracic Society

Article 1:The Name of the Society
This Society shall be called (Iraqi Cardio-Thoracic Society)

Article 2:   The center of the Society
Its general headquarters shall be in Baghdad and it may open branches thereof in the Iraqi provinces (provided that in respect of provision of scientific societies law No. 55 for 1981 shall be observed).

Article 3:  Objectives of the Society
(1) To raise the scientific standard and technical skills of cardio-thoracic medicine in Iraq.
(2) To strengthen the scientific cooperation and social interaction among the cardiothoracic specialists and surgeon in Iraq.
(3) To answer clinical and scientific consultations to raise the standard of medical and surgical cardio-thoracic practice in the country for any one requesting it (ministerial, university or private sector).
(4) To improve the performance and standard of assistants and technicians by the specialty.
(5) To encourage and support publications, translation and distribution in the fields of specialties of the society (scientific and public health education).
(6) To carry out studies and researches in the field of the specialty alone or with other official research centers.
(7) To share with other similar organizations national, Arabic or international, in a way that does not violate practiced regulations.
(8) To cooperate with other medical and scientific societies in the country to raise the medical and scientific standards.
The society shall achieve its targets and activities by:
1. Holding general and specialized scientific lectures and panel discussion.
2. Holding scientific meetings and encouraging the conduct of research and studies.
3. Publishing medical research and studies related to the society’s aims, in general public or specialized media and has the right to issue a scientific journal and periodicals covering subjects of interest to the specialty.
4. Communicate with similar societies in other countries and cooperate in the scientific affairs of the specialty.
5. Cooperate with governmental and private health and university authorities, medical society and other public organization for the distributions of knowledge and health awareness by citizens.

Article 4:The Society shall consist of         
1. The General Assembly.
2. The Administrative Body.
Article 5:The General Assembly
The General Assemblyshall consist of the registered members in the register thereof who have paid the obligations imposed on them in accordance with the Regulation of the Association after calling all of them thereto.

Article 6:The Conditions of Membership
(a)  That the doctor has been enrolled in the Iraqi Medical Association.
(b) The members has to be specialist in cardiovascular or thoracic diseases according to the regulations followed in the country and has obtained specialty certificate related to the society fields or have devoted his/her time to practice related fields for not less than ten years or has taught the subjects in a recognized medical school for not less than three years.
(c)  To submit a written application to the secretariat of the society containing his/her full name, address and date of graduation from the college of medicine and the academic degrees which be obtained with the necessary documents, and that he accepts in writing the regulations of the society. This request should be accompanied by a nomination by one member of the society, and a recommendation of another member according to the scientific society’s law no. 55, 1981. The administrative council should decide within 30 days (acceptance or refusal) and if no decision was issued after 30 days the request is considered acceptable.
(d)  To pay the fee of enrollment and the annual fee.
(e) The administrative council shall decide by majority the acceptance of the application by secret ballot.
(f)  The person whose application was refused shall have the right to reappeal against the decision at the general assembly of the society at the first meeting thereof, and the decision in this respect shall be final.
(g) The administrative council shall have the right to accept as honorary members in the society those who have achieved distinguished scientific positions inside or outside the country and whose services lead to the same principles of the society provided that their acceptance does not violate the society bylaws.
The administrative council shall have the right to accept associate members those other than physician whose specialty make them scientifically qualified and have
worked in the field of cardio-thoracic systems. The associate member shall have no right to be nominated and no right to elect. The acceptance of honorary and
associate members should be according to item (e) of the article (6).
Article 7:The Date of Annual Meeting
The general assembly shall hold its annual meeting during the month of February.

Article 8:                                                                     
(a) Only attending members of the general assembly have the right to vote.
(b) The general assembly discuss the budget of the society for the past year and approve the estimated budget for the next year and study the submitted report to the administrative body about the works carried out by the society and the detail of the actual expenses and revenues for the last year.
(c) Decisions of the general assembly should be taken by the relative majority of those who present except in the following situations.
(d) Decisions should be issued from the general assembly to accept the budget and to undergo any rectification in the society bylaws and its proposed dissolution. Discussions and Decisions by the general assembly in this respect shall not be considered effective unless it has been listed in the agenda accompanying the announced meeting. Decisions should be approved by the majority of two thirds to issue a change in the bylaws and for the proposed dissolution.
Article 9:
Members of the general assembly have equal rights of voting. The quorum is considered present when the majority members are present after the first announcement and if the necessary quorum was not fulfilled, the meeting has to be postponed to the same day, location and time of the next week without new announcement, but it would be sufficient to announce the meeting in at least two local morning newspapers and the meeting decisions will this time be legal whatever the number of the members present.
Article 10:
The president of the society shall call the general assembly to an extraordinary meeting to discuss urgent matters, when two thirds of the administrative council members or at least one third of the general assembly presents a written request of suggestions and matters needed to the general council. The meeting has to be held within one month of the date of the request.
Article 11: The Administrative Council
(a) The administrative council shall consist of not less than seven original and tow substitutive members elected by the general assembly from its members by secret ballot for a three years term liable for renewal.
(b) The administrative council shall elect from its members a president for the society, vice president, secretary general and treasurer immediately after the election.
(c) If a member of the administrative council resign or was absent from three consecutive meetings without acceptable reason, he would be excused from the council and substitutes members take his place until the end of the term of the council.
(d) The administrative council shall meet at least once a month and wherever necessary as suggested by the president of the society or his authorized person and after a call for meeting by the secretary general.
Article 12: 
The quorum of the administrative council is fulfilled when at least four of its members are present and decisions are considered final if it gained the votes of the majority of those present.
Article 13:
When four members of administrative council resign, reelection of its members should be held for the rest of the council term.

Article 14: The Responsibilities of the Administrative Council   
The administrative council shall have the following responsibilities:
To administer society matters and supervise the application of its bylaws and to issue the necessary decisions in that matter and the application of its duties and rights necessary to achieve the society’s objectives.
To administer the society properties and spend the necessary budget for its needs according to the annual budget allotted to it.
The acceptance of grants, bequest, gifts, donations, subscription and endowment from individuals and Iraqi sources or after the approval of the specialized authorities when these were from Arabic or foreign sources.
To deposit the revenues of the society at governmental banks only.
To consider the application of candidates to the society according to the rules mentioned.
To accept enrolment of members to the society.
To prepare the annual scientific and administrative and financial report of the society.
To call the general assembly for the annual meeting and for the consultation meeting. The consultation meeting shall be held according to the request of two thirds of the administrative council members.
To prepare the agenda of the general assembly.
To appoint employees necessary for the work of the society.
To request from the general council the cancellation of membership of a candidate in the society.
To approve the creation of branches for the society in the provinces of the country.
To approve the scientific meetings to be held in the country and participation in meetings outside the country.
Article 15: Duties of The President of the Society
The president shall be responsible for the administration of the society affaires. He shall head the meetings of the administrative council and general assembly and shall supervise that its decisions been applied. He shall call for the general council meeting and approve the agenda of the administrative council. He shall sign contracts, whatever kind, held by the society and represent the society before the courts, its plaintiff or defendant or another qua and shall sign on the checks and paid vouchers with the treasurer. He shall authorize one of the administrative body members to deputize him for carrying out any of these works in case of his absence.
Article 16: Duties of The Secretary General
The secretary general shall assist in the administration of the society in the general and administrative meetings. He shall arrange and sign all the society mailings and call the administrative council for a meeting and prepare its agenda and present it to the president for approval. He shall prepare the annual report and present it to the administrative council for approval. He also record the minutes of the meetings and keep them in its special files. Generally speaking he shall be responsible about the administration of the society according to its bylaws and according to instruction he received from the president of the society and the administrative council.

Article 17: Duties of The Treasurer
He shall supervise the collection of the membership fees and annual dues and other finances of the society. He shall sign with the president the checks and paid vouchers and deposit the society finances in the local banks according to the instructions of the administrative council. He shall also prepare the estimated budget for the next year and present it to the administrative council at the first month of the year.
Article 18: The Possession of The Society
The society has the right to possess movable and immovable properties necessary for the establishment of its center and for its branches in other provinces of the country and for the fulfillment of its aims for which it was created.
Article 19: Revenues of The Society
(a) Membership fees and annual dues.
(b) The income from the society publications
(c) Donation, charitable and bequests according to scientific society's law No. 55, 1981.
(d) The revenues which ensure from the society movable and immovable properties.
Article 20:
The society member shall keep his membership active even if he was absent more than a year outside Iraq provided he continues paying its annual dues.
Article 21: Registers of The Society
(a) Register of membership: it contains the name of members of the society and the information in the item C article 6 of this bylaw.
(b) Register for the resolutions: in which the resolutions of the administrative council and general assembly are recorded and signed by the members of the administrative council.
(c) Register of accounts: in which the revenues and expenditures are recorded and approved by the notary public.
(d) Register of furniture and properties: in which all belongings of the society are recording including those which are movable and immovable.
(e) Register of correspondences: This shall include the in-mail and out-mail. All society correspondences and registers should be stamped by its special seal.
Article 22:
(a) The society can dissolve itself when a decision is issued from its general council by two thirds majority of its members.
(b) The minister can dissolve if it violated its objectives or it became unable to fulfill its objectives. The society has the right to object to its dissolution before the court of appeal until thirty days from the date of informing it. The decision of the court shall be final.
Article 23:
The member of the general assembly looses its membership in the following situations:
(a) If he resigned from the society.
(b) If he lost one of the conditions itemized in the article 6.
(c) If he committed an act against the society’s objectives and his dismissal shall be decided by a decision of the administrative council.
(d) The dismissed member has the right to appeal to the general council during its first meeting after the dismissal from the society and its decision in that matter is final.

Article 24:
It is not permissible to rectify this bylaw unless by a decision issued from the general assembly in its meeting, with two thirds majority shall not be considered effective unless 30 days has passed since notification of the ministry of high education and scientific research who have not objected to the alteration.

Article 25:
Members of the administrative council shall be removed, all or some of them be a decision to be issued from two thirds of the members of the general assembly having met according to article 8 of this bylaw. The new administrative council shall be elected during the same meeting if the whole council was removed and a reserve member shall be appointed in place of the removed member if removal included some members only.

Article 26:
The law of the scientific society's No. 55 for the year 1981 shall be observed in matters for which this bylaw was made.

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